Need Help?

In the case of an emergency please dial your local emergency number, in Canada and the USA that is 911 or alternately go to your local hospital emergency room.

Otherwise here is a list of places where more help may be found in dealing with mental illness, and/or it’s affiliated problems. This list is in no particular order, and it is not a complete list, you may have additional resources available in your community. Please bear in mind this is based on the resources available in a typical Canadian city. Your city may have similar resources with different names.

• Hospital
• Family Doctor
• Psychologist or Psychiatrist
• A Walk In Medical Clinic
• The Police
• Disability Resource Centres
• Alcoholics Anonymous
• Paramedics
• Church or Religious Organization
• Narcotics Anonymous
• Spiritual Leader
• Public Health Nurse or Organization
• Mental Health Organizations
• Homeless or Street Shelters
• Mental Health Crisis Line
• Counselors
• Life Ring Secular Recovery
• Outreach Workers
• Sexual Assault or Trauma Centres
• Family Service Organizations
• Al-Anon
• Kids Help Phone
• Case Manager or Social Worker
• Probation Officers
• Suicide Prevention Line
• School Counseling Departments, Guidance Offices or Disability Offices
• The Phone Book
• Rehabilitation Consultant
• The Library
• Anti-Poverty Organizations
• Soup Kitchen or Food Banks
• Internet
• Employee Assistance Programs through your employer
• The Rehabilitation department of your benefit provider
• Support Groups
• Family and Friends


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