About Me – Neat and Tidy Version

I’m a woman. I’m not afraid to let people know I have depression and anxiety. Also survived Cancer.

I’m a Parent. The most important job I’ve ever had, and the only one where I could screw up and not get fired. The guilt is far worse however.

I am not currently waiting for a miracle.

I have a business background. Worked in insurance. Currently volunteer as a disability advocate. Love writing, and public speaking. I know what kind of werido am I right?

One of the things that gives me great satisfaction in life is challenging the way people think, provoking new thoughts, maybe even changing some. That and fighting injustice.

I was thinking about being a superhero but still can’t decide on a name. Plus I have to change my hair because even though I was rocking purple long before Hit Girl she came out first so….you know how it is.

That is all.

Superhero name here


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